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Key word bookmarks

July 2, 2017


I have a variety on bookmarks I use with the students. We have a two year key stage three which is why there are only two bookmarks. I hope you will find them useful. There are 2 I made for GCSE also. 2017 Key word bookmarks y7 2017 Key word bookmarks y8 Germany key words […]

Mega block history

April 22, 2016


I have tried this method recently to get students in year 7 and 8 to consider significance and links between events. It is very simple, the more important the cause the bigger a block they give it. We then write on the side of the block with white board pens. Next we build the tower […]

History takeaway menu

January 21, 2014


Following many fabulous versions of this on twitter, @teachertoolkit’s included, I decided to adapt the pick and mix homework grid I have done for many year with year 7. My new school currently has 1 hour per week of history and set homework on a 3 week rotation with geography and RE. Linking worthwhile homework […]

Finding out about Year 7

September 22, 2013


September again and the usual problem of finding out what history they studied at primary. This year I am at a new school with new feeders and no knowledge of what these schools have covered. I decided to go with a Tardis idea. The students could colour the front in their favourite colours and the […]

Challenge wall, first steps.

May 16, 2013


I finally got to make full use of my challenge wall today with year 7. We had finished our peer assessment of the class’ Thomas Becket plays and had 20 minutes left. Each table got a different card and we got started. The students worked in pairs but produced their own work. The results were […]

Word foto plenaries

May 12, 2013

0 I love this app and have been using it with Year 7. Here is the link to the blog I did on it.